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You only pay per service requests, Let us handle the uncertainty of marketing & advertising, and get you in touch with real buyers



$40 / Request

Shared with upto 5 PROs

Salesloop X brand

Upto 50 monthly requests

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$200 / Request

Shared with you only

Your company's brand

Unlimited requests

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Remember You Only Pay For Service Requests.
No contracts, no up-front fees and no hidden fees

Service Related Prices

We calculate the service cost of the exact service a client is looking to get and compare it against the acquisition cost, level of competition and the demand.

You will know the exact prices once you are approved as a PRO.

Salesloop X was designed for your company’s growth

We take care of finding your ideal buyers, and put your services in front of them right when they need them.

you only pay a decimal fee to us after we send you service request*.

You are always in control!

You tell us how many service requests you would like to receive from us on a monthly bases, and we deliver them to you.

you have the option to cancel or pause at anytime*.
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  1. We charge a small fee for every request
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  1. Get instant access to live requests as they happen
  2. Become number one provider in your area
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Companys of all sizes use Salesloop X to consistently grow their business' bottom line.
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signing up with Salesloop X was a seamless process. It's clear their team is comprised of experienced marketers and business-minded experts, who know exactly what they're doing.

Mark Brun

Before Partnering up with Salesloop X, we were struggling to get consistent quality leads. Salesloop X helped us generate consistent quality service requests every month without having to invest upfront on advertising, I was impressed that they took the risk and the cost.

Sandra Narén

I own a cleaning company in Montreal and I have to say that at first I was skeptical about the idea, but I gave it a shot and I was really surprised with the rustles first 10 requests I received I closed a little over $10,000, sure I didn't close all of them but the two deals I closed made it worth my while".

Yori Tasen

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