Salesloop X - FAQs

What can Salesloop X do for my business?

Salesloop X can help you grow your current customer base, as well as growing your bottom line without effecting your cashflow, since we only charge you per qualified service request.

What is a service request?

A service request is 10 times more qualified than a lead, think about it this way when a customer is looking to buy a service to they want to make sure they get the best service with the best price possible, that’s why they come us and submit a service request so we can find the best PROs to take on the job. View service request here.

Where do service requests come from?

Salesloop X owns more than 6 marketplaces in different industries, focusing on regulating and streamlining all of our PROs' services and end users needs.

What if I sign up and I don’t close any clients from 10 or 20 service requests?

We are confident that you will at least close 20% of the service requests we send you, and if you didn’t close any customers we will send you few more service request as a courtesy and will help you close more, our sales team will be with you along the way to help you produce better results.

How many more PROs are these service request shared with?

We have 2 plans available for our PROs, usually if you select the x-pool plan it will be a shared pool of other PROs, which means you and up to 5 other PROs Will have access to the same service requests. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

Will I still be able to close deals if service requests area shared with other PROs?

Absolutely, you will be closing a tremendous amount of deals with our X-pool plan even though you it may be shared with other PROs , we have seen a 20 - 40% closing rate from each of our PROs.

Do you have an exclusive plan?

Yes, we call it Exclusive-X this plan is a bit more expensive than Pool-X, since all of the service request we receive will be shared only with you.

How do I signup?

Signing up with Salesloop X is very easy, all you have to do is click on the Join as a Pro Button and fill out the form.

How do I get qualified to be one of Salesloop X’s PROs?

We take our customers request very seriously and in order for us to deliver high quality services for their needs we would need to vet, qualify, and approve all of our PROs before the get listed here’s how you qualify to be listed as on of our vetted PROs, you will need to have the followings; great service quality, good customer rating score, been in business more than 2 years, must have good customer service, and finally good reputation.

Which area does Salesloop x Service?

Salesloop X is currently operating in more than 50 states across North America.

Is there a sign up fee?

Nope, signing up with Salesloop X is 100% FREE of charge.

How does Salesloop X’ payment system work?

Our payment system is automatic, you will be asked to verify your payment method upon your approval to start receiving service requests.

Why do I need to verify my payment method to start receiving service requests?

In order for you to be listed in our platform, we will need you to verify your payment method so that we can create and link your account to our data base. Unfortunately if you don’t verify your payment method we will not be able to connect you to our data base.

Why do I pay $1 to verify my payment method?

We will refund your $1 back in your account once we verify that you are the owner of the card provided to us.

What is Salesloop X’ Billing Cycle?

Our billing cycle is everyday at 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. You will be charged for the amount of service requests you have received on the day of. For example if you received 3 service requests in one day and you have selected the pool-x plan you will be charged $120 USD.

Is there a contract?

Nope, there’s no contract and no commitment, you can sign up today and cancel tomorrow.

How do I cancel my account?

If you would like cancel your account you may send us an email 2 weeks in advance to and we will terminate your account.

Can I Pause my account for a month?

Yes you may pause your account FREE of charge anytime you like, all you have to do is inform us 2 weeks in advance and we will pause your account for you.

What If the potential customer who fills out the service request form was not a real customer?

We are always trying to verify that a potential customer who fills out a service request is a 100% real customer, however if things happen and someone may not be qualified or looking for another service that you don’t offer, we don’t charge you for that.

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